The Sound of Raspberries

So, after thinking about, dreaming about, talking about starting a blog, the time finally felt right today. Why today? Maybe it’s in honor of the first unseasonably-late snow of the year (well, that’s not counting the actual first, unseasonably-early Halloween snowstorm); maybe it’s inspired by that great feeling that comes with it just being a Friday–a whole two days of  possibilities ahead of me; or maybe I just let the idea of blogging marinate for so long that I came to the now or never moment.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a producer/reporter for a national public radio show by day, and many things by night (I realize that doesn’t sound so good).

List of likes: Crafting, hosting dinner parties, fake internet shopping (that is, adding amazing finds to my shopping cart, and then realizing that my public radio job doesn’t bring home the big bucks, and proceeding to close the window), cooking, traveling, and listening to and recording sound. And that last one brings me to the title of this blog.

The Sound of Raspberries.

I’ve always been a poor sleeper, I blame it on my ultra-sensitive ears. My parents joke that my favorite phrase as a kid was, “mommy, what’s that noise.” Any little sound pulls me out of the deepest of sleep and gets my mind rolling. But lately, instead of jumping straight to fear I’ve been able realize sound’s beauty. Now, not to get all esoteric on y’all, but sound really is beautiful. Close your eyes and think about what you hear around you.

Probably not the sound of raspberries…but I bet that you can you imagine it? Perhaps it’s this scene: a nice big bowl of the berries on a summer day, the windows cracked open, cars blasting music as they drive by. Or it could be the sound of blowing air onto a baby’s smooth stomach. Or perhaps it conjures up an entirely different sound for you (in which case, I’d love to know in the comments section).

This blog will be my inspiration pad, and I’m hoping to use different sounds as a jumping off point to write about and curate those above-mentioned likes.

And with that, I leave you with this…it’s me writing my very first post…




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