Talking about the weather

“Everyone is always complaining about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.” Mark Twain

Mark Twain got it right with this one. When the clouds roll in, and the skies start to turn dark, my mood mimics the gloominess. I’m a lover of the sun, what can I say. But reading this quote reminds me that I can be “sunny” regardless of the weather. It’s sometimes a struggle to remember this on the darkest days of a Boston winter…but that’s why I did a little experiment this winter (extremely mild winter I have to admit). I tried wearing bright lipstick to see if it would bring a little sunshine to my day. And it worked!

I know that bright colors and lipstick are all the rage these days…but for me it was more about lifting the winter mood than keeping up with the Jonses.

Here’s my bright lipstick of choice. I love this brand: the fact that it’s natural, cruelty free, and an awesome color to boot. This photo doesn’t do the bright pop of color justice…it’s called Ripe Cherry, and it b-o-l-d.

At first I felt self-conscious…walking into my extremely casual office (this is radio folks, the public hears, not sees us) with such a bold color on my lips. It not only made me happy, but also meant that in a very small, personal way, I was doing something other than complaining about the weather. Maybe Mark Twain would agree.



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