A Few Of My Favorite Things…Beer

This is officially my first post. What you should know about me: I’m into everything. I like cooking, baking, brewing beer, crafting, using my hands, playing music, romancing, dancing, writing songs, horticulture, mountain biking, skiing, etc…What can I say, I’m a curious human being.

At this time though, I’m sharing with you Jess and my most recent home-brew – Pliny The Elder Imperial IPA Clone by Russian River Brewing Company, California. We brewed it on Sunday and will bottle it in a few weeks.

In the meantime let me tell you about this special brew. We first learned about Pliny from our California friends, who after a recent visit, brought back an entire case of the good stuff. Pliny can only be found out west (as far as my sources tell me). Let me tell you. This stuff is delicious–crisp, clean, fruity, amazing. Beer Advocate gives it a score of 100 and is 8% ABV. Check out Beer Advocate for a full write up on Pliny.

This was an epic brew, with over 7 hop additions. The aromas in our house are still fresh like freshly cut grapefruits.

Step one: Brew


Step two: Add Hops


Step Three: Cool Down

Step Four: Pour into fermenting bucket, add water, yeast, and place in a dark place for 7-10 days.

For those of you interested in making this tasty beer, see below.


Check back in a couple weeks for an update on Pliny.



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