A loss of life but not forgotten…

This week was hard for both of us in that we lost a dear friend: he was a father and adventure enthusiast. Our friend was 67 years young and so full of life and energy. His energy and accomplishments have been such an inspiration for us and we hope we can live our lives like he had lived his.

In remembering our friend, we both recounted several stories that made us smile and bring pause to our daily routine. In telling these stories about his life we realized that this was our way of mourning his loss and bringing closure to his life.

Stories have such a powerful notion for us as they help to provide sustenance when it is needed most. They provide meaningful moments of clarity, laughter, self-discovery and so much more.

Before I was married, I joined a dating website so that I could experience chance encounters at love and when they didn’t pan out, I had a really good story to tell. That may sound shallow, but I found my wife on one of these sites and boy, do I have a good story (perhaps for another time though).

I love how stories are opportunities for bonding with others and sharing common experiences.  This is how I met Norman, through sharing our love for windsurfing, hiking, skiing, biking, you name it. And from our common likes, I have wonderful stories of us windsurfing on the Charles, skiing at Loon and losing our ski passes, and biking the wrong way down one-way streets. All of these experiences memorialize him, and they are stories that I now will share with others.

Rest in peace Norman. You will always be remembered.

– Jesse


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