The Sound of: A Windy Ship

I’m a lucky gal. I married into a family with cousins who are year-round residents of Martha’s Vineyard. We went last weekend to visit for Passover.

It’s always spectacular to be on the island in April–the towns are pretty much deserted, trees budding, the salty air is extra crisp.

My sound of the week was taken on the ferry ride over to the island. It was a beautiful, bright day, albeit chilly and windy. Specifically, this sound is of chairs rattling on the boat’s deck. Every time I hear this sound I think of two things: chattering teeth, and the famous Marilyn Monroe-skirt-blowing-up image. I’m going to go with that second inspiration and throw together an outfit perfect for a warm wind (I think that I have the spring itch for new clothes).

(One–just messy enough for the big gust of wind; two–I bet this skirt could get a little lift in the wind, but not too much…; three–this dress calls perhaps for a brown shoe, but I like how the shoes will subtly pick up the black diamonds in the earrings; four; five; six–I can’t get enough of my pastel nails. And this polish is free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals!; seven)

I wasn’t wearing any of these things…I was unglamorously hunkered inside, wrapped in my bulky, sleeping-bag-like coat…the wind wasn’t warm like in my more stylish day-dream!

What does this sound make you think of? Please tell me below!



PS: Check out this amazing weather site! Creative people!


2 thoughts on “The Sound of: A Windy Ship

  1. Whoa! Love that weather site. So cute and artsy for such a science-nerdy topic. Love it!
    Love the outfit too. Wish I could wear it this weekend. Mostly wish it were warm enough to wear it this weekend. The sound of rattling chairs was a little anxiety producing for me. Such a scattered, frantic sound — such is the nature of wind I suppose.
    Right now I’m listening to my dog groom himself, which is a funny and somewhat gross noise. Love you guys!

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