And…We’re Back!

Wow, it’s been a posting drought. Unbelievable really.
How do I explain the past few months? Well, let’s just say that we let life get the best of us–in the way that only a complete household job search can. It sucked me dry of creativity and I fell into a posting rut. But then a sweet coworker said that he read this blog and liked where we were going, and encouraged me to post again. AND, my hubs landed a great job. He starts Monday! He’ll be a music therapist at a school for students with development disabilities. I couldn’t be prouder.

Things are looking up!

And where am I, you ask? Well I’m on a two-week jaunt in the Pacific Northwest! I’m currently in Portland, and it’s a romantic scene: I’m sitting at a cozy coffee shop in the Upper Hawthorn neighborhood. They have free wifi, and a $1 mug of strong coffee. Someone just ordered a vanilla, caramel, soy, double shot latte to go–in her stainless steal mug no less. No judgement. I love this town!

The point of this post is to tell all of you that posting with frequency begins today. We’ll start with a doable goal: mine is once a week at first. Jesse and I have dusted off the right side of our brains that got buried along the way, and we are back at it. In fact, I’d like to introduce our new store: The Double J Stand. Think lemonade stand for all of your decorative needs. So far Jesse has posted his exquisite paper cuts. His laptop bags are next. When I’m back in Boston expect jewelry too!

I’ll leave you with this photo from my plane ride into Portland last night. Glorious Mt. Hood. It snuck up on me. Just out my window; quiet and still; standing strong as the sun set over the West Coast.




2 thoughts on “And…We’re Back!

  1. I love the name of your blog–“Sound of Raspberries”. It reminds me of summers at our family cottage and all the good, bright, but quiet and comforting things. I look forward to following you now that you are back in the ether.

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