The Sound of Home

Well, sadly I don’t have my recording equipment with me on this West Coast trek. Bad radio producer, bad! But let’s see if I can give you a taste of what I’m experiencing right now:

I’m sitting on the roof of the San Francisco MOMA. It’s an unusually hot day for S.F. and everyone seems a bit out of sorts about it. Looking around at this beautiful sculpture garden you’d expect it to be really quiet and peaceful. But actually the wind is whipping around the concrete walls and the hum of the city is more of a roar–I can actually feel the bass, which is speckled with piercing sounds of construction and sirens.

What I want to be hearing now is my cat purring, my husband playing ukulele and onions sautéing on the stove. I’m seriously craving HOME! It’s been 2 weeks of travel, which really isn’t that long (I’ve been away way longer than this in the past); but right now I feel ready to be back!

Here are some photos from the last leg of my trip in San Francisco.

Looking up at the restoration of an old building from the roof of the MOMA.

Critical Mass.

A S.F. street scene.

Ornate details.

Golden Gate.

This is actually in Portland, OR, but it captures the feeling that I’m taking with me from my travels.


P.S. What does your home sound like?


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