Double J Stand

I am following in my wife’s footsteps when I say, it has been a long time since I’ve checked in.  Now that grad school is over, the ‘what am I gonna do now?’ stage is over, the apartment search is over, and the job search is over, I can finally focus on the things that I’ve been putting off. But I’ll get to that in minute.

The good news first: I recently started a new job that I love, working as a music therapist with children and adolescents with disabilities!!! It’s a new populations for me and it’s challenging and rewarding.

The Apartment: We spent most of June and July toiling with the notion of moving to a new apartment, but we didn’t really find anything that clicked. So…we started to rethink our own space. What could we do with what we have now and how could redecorating make our home feel more like us, at least for the next year or so.  In August and September, we moved everything around in our living room, bedroom and kitchen: we moved the furniture – all of it, changed the paintings on the wall, moved the bookshelf, moved the bed, built a shelving unit in the bedroom, built a head board (future post), built a new table top in our kitchen (future post), reorganized our utensils and spice rack in the kitchen, and cleaned the pantry. Phew! It took a lot of elbow grease and time, but now we have this cozy little living room that is really fun to sit in.  The dining area feels much bigger with the new mirror above the table (opening up the room). The bed has moved to the middle of the room next to the windows, casting more light on the bed (a good thing). We really feel more at home than ever before. If you’re feeling stale in your current living place, try a little redecorating–it may help you see things differently.

Oh yeah, and increasing our plant to furniture ratio was a big improvement for us too.

Okay, now for the explanation of the title of this post: Double J Stand. We recently opened up an Etsy page where we currently sell paper cut outs. Click here to go to our page. Let me illustrate for you how this came about. I heard somewhere that for your first wedding anniversary, you’re supposed to give your S.O. a gift made from paper. As I scoured the inter-web for ideas, I started thinking about art projects that I enjoyed doing in college and in preparation for our wedding. This boiled down to using an exact-o knife and carving designs out of paper. Then I started searching paper cut designs and I was about to buy one from someone on Etsy when it occurred to me that maybe I could do this on my own. I kinda have this nasty habit of getting ideas in my head and then going after them head on…Like the time I decided that I was going to create a hammered metal look for our wedding bands–someone else gave me the idea, and it stuck.

Anyway, Jess’ favorite animal is the owl and I set off to design an owl (having no idea how to do this). Along the way I decided to write “Love you” and a cut out of our cat inside the belly of the owl. The owl measures about 8 inches high by 4 inches across. It’s pictured below, matted and framed.

You can see the design and others including an eagle in flight, a zinnia flower, an Obama head, and some other birds, at our Double J Stand Etsy page.

After cutting out this design, more ideas flooded in and they haven’t stopped yet. So, we invite you check out our Etsy page and to see a video about my process, check out Zinnia Paper Cut (pictured above). The cutouts are made to order and arrive ready to frame. If you have something that you want designed or cut out in the belly of the owl, email me from our Etsy page. Featured soon on our page will be laptop cases and jewelery made by Jess.

It’s good to be back…



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