The 20 Dollar Date

J&J in Providence, RI before getting on 93N back to Boston.

A music therapist and journalist: hmm, you can probably guess that we’re not rolling in the cash like the Sultan of Brunei! So we’ve been trying our hardest to cook up a storm and eat dinners at home. It’s often a lot of fun since we both love to cook. But sometimes we want to get out into the city! And thus, the $20 date.

We stumbled upon this idea inadvertently: after traveling on 93 the Sunday after Thanksgiving we were in no mood to cook, so we treated ourselves to some mighty tasty Mexican food in East Somerville. It was incredible! Tacos bursting with flavor, cheesy pupusas with vinegary fermented carrots and cabbage, plantains with just enough salt to balance out the sweetness, and rice and beans so simple, yet so perfect (and I should know since rice and beans are not only my go-to meal, but led me originally to Jesse). The price tag for the entire meal was $14 (until we ordered a fresh squeezed juice, which sadly was $5!). Anyway, the point of the story is that our little pit stop turned into a great new project. Jesse and I are each going to take the other on a $20 date each month. So two inexpensive, exciting dates!

They won’t all be food-related…in fact, I already have an idea for one that isn’t. We’ll post our adventures as we take them! And we hope that we can be an inspiration for everyone to get out of the house without spending the big bucks!

Have you been on any inexpensive dates lately? We’d love to know!

Oh, and if you’re local, check out Taco Loco





7 thoughts on “The 20 Dollar Date

  1. Crane beach and Russell Orchards for cider donuts. And you can feed Big Boy, the 1600 lbs. pig. (Might be too late now.).

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