About Us

(Photo: Josh Behan Photography)

Jess is the girl, Jesse is the boy.

Jess, or Jessica is a freelance writer, reporter and producer. She’s worked in the past at places such as Public Radio International‘s show Living on Earth. Check out her professional work on her website. You can also take a listen to a selection of radio stories here.  She has a master’s degree in nutrition (focusing on agriculture, food and environmental policy). So obviously she likes everything food–eating it, cooking it, photographing it, and sharing it.

Jesse recently graduated with a degree in Music Therapy. He is now a music therapist at a school in Waltham, MA for students with developmental disabilities. He enjoys music from around the world, loves traveling and combines the two in his collection of instruments from all over the world. In Jess’ words, he’s basically a Renaissance man–cooking, sewing, crafting.

Together we bike around town, dream up new ways to decorate our tiny apartment, and host as many dinner parties as possible!

This blog will be an account of things that inspire us, from recipes to craft projects, from new music to gardening to fashion. We hope that you enjoy it!

The Sound of Raspberries you ask? Find out more here.

If you have comments, concerns or good jokes, email us at:  jessica.kurn (AT) gmail (DOT) com


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